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Hi, my name is Shelly and I just returned from that trip until the last days of the New Year without incident quite a surprise to Bali, which had been kept secret from my husband as my big Christmas gift. are both in our early fifties and have decent jobs, which have made ​​it possible to almost everything we do in terms of tourist destinations and the choice of vehicle, etc, such as any case, we these blood banks were frozen shortly after Christmas and went to the paradise island of Bali, little did I know then how much I would enjoy the trip. On the last night, but there was a dinner dance organized by the hotel and everyone was dressed to the nines. I looked in the mirror, I was preparing, and I thought in my not so young that I could see the damn sight better than some women half my age. , threw me quite easily in a light summer dress (even if New <i>deviantclip</i> Year still very hot in there), matching pink lace bra, panties and suspensionsPneumatic cylinder with strips stockings and heels as close to four inches. We had great and the food and drink was good and plentiful. Later, most kids my husband Steve decided he wanted to see a bloody football game on TV for sodomizing a local bar. IN was not completed, then went and sat at the bar on my own, was a guy who has made the hotel's night manager, who was talkative throughout the night and I had realized I was given <i>deviantclip</i> the once about every time I went to his table. had no problem with this, as it was very nice and I like the attention especially now that Steve obviously preferred football. Then I sat in the bar earlier, while this man came and took my glass and said : Let me give you a clue, sat on the stool next to me, was very well built and in shape and was very sure of himself and gave a very thigh eva